Especially for Parents or Guardians

You know how much you love your child and want the best for her.  We want to help you create that future for her.

We believe that all young people deserve the opportunity to grow up and make their way into the world, including those with special needs who need individualized help to accomplish that.  We also know that families have a unique bond with that special child that transcends time and the usual "growing up" parameters.  As a parent of a child at Lara's House, you will allow your child to grow and develop into her unique adulthood, while never giving up your special connection as her parent.  Your child will have an independent experience of living in a supportive family setting, and you will be able to be as involved as you wish. 

At Lara's House, your child's experience will be fully accessible to you. You will be welcome in her home at any time, and an interior camera system which allows for full monitoring by staff for safety and supervision will be available to you with a personalized password.  This allows you to view your daughter online at any time during activities or while sleeping. If you are traveling or unable to visit, live visual two-way communication is provided. You will never have to feel separated from your child, no matter how far away you are.

An important note:  Lara's House is designed to be a place of safety, serenity and joy.  Due to the setting and nature of Lara's House, we are unable to accommodate the needs of individuals with aggressive, violent or otherwise dangerous behavior.

Please join us!
If what you see in this website speaks to what you believe is right for your family member, please contact us.  We would love to explore the possibilities of your family being a part of Lara's House!